"Men, you no longer have to use a bar of soap on your face! BROmance is a skincare line that can do so many things that your bar of soap cannot. We sat down with Matt, Collette and Carlin, the Founders of BROmance Skincare to talk about how they are working to help men everywhere look and feel their best."

What is your business called and what does it do?

Matt: BROmance is skincare for men reimagined. Our goal is simple: to simplify and normalize skincare for men everywhere, so that we provide results while being less tedious and time-consuming. Us guys can tend to view skincare as daunting or intimidating, especially when most men’s skincare companies are pitching the idea of using 5-8 steps, and the vast majority of products are sold in stores that cater to a female audience.

So we wanted to give men great results that a dedicated skincare regimen can provide, without any of the hassle. We want to help guys look and feel their best–meaning less wrinkles on our foreheads as we age, and eliminating bags under our eyes before our next Zoom meeting. BROmance solves these problems with two simple steps that take less time than brushing your teeth.
Everything is shipped right to your door. And, most importantly, it works and leaves our members looking and feeling great.

What made you want to do this work?

Matt: We all had different reasons for wanting to create BROmance, and that’s what makes us a powerful team. For me, it was being tired of coming across products that didn’t deliver. I didn’t see anything in the market that connected with me as a consumer–everything was either too complex and overpriced while being marketed to models, or, conversely too cheap and ineffective and being sold at the local drugstore or Wal Mart. Where was the powerful product for the everyday Bro that just wanted to look his best?

Collette: For me, I saw a need for BROmance in the mens’ skincare world when I noticed my spouse starting to use my own skincare products because of his concern about the signs of aging. At the time, he did not understand what he should be using, how to use it, or why it would benefit him. After talking with some of my girl friends, I discovered they had shared a similar experience with their partners. I feel a lot of guys are in the same boat. They want to take care of themselves but are not quite sure where to start. By creating Bromance, I know we can normalize skincare for men and help them feel sexy as hell.

Carlin: The reason I wanted to start BROmance was the noticeable gap in the marketplace. The idea of a men’s skincare company came to me when I was working with Sephora. I used to see men intimidated, uneasy, and confused by the current lines carried in the store, not to mention, some of them had their girlfriends or wives come in to shop for them! Not only this, but more and more men were asking me about skincare and what they should be using. I saw BROmance as an opportunity to help normalize mens skincare and educate them, using a routine that was simplistic and fun!

What problem does this solve?

Matt: Although, yes, we are selling a skincare product, what we really believe we are providing to our members is the feeling of confidence. Everyone wants to look and feel their best–this is why we workout, eat well, take care of ourselves, and dress for the occasion. When we look and feel our best, we feel like we can take on the world. When we wake up and we have bags under our eyes, or a pimple, or notice a new wrinkle, it does not feel great. That’s really the problem we are solving. We are providing premium skincare for men in a way that’s as easy as putting on deodorant before you walk out the door. And this is the number one piece of feedback we get from all of our customers: they feel more confident and positive after using our products. We knew we could have the greatest product, but if it was complex or like a spa night before bed then it would not be used and therefore no one would get the results.

Who are your clientele/demographics?

Carlin: BROmance focuses on men aged 25-35, who are interested or curious about skincare, and are starting to notice changes in their skin. Or, maybe they’re getting some playful teasing from their significant other to take care of themselves. These men are busy individuals who want something simple and easy to use, which won’t interrupt their schedules. What men don’t want to look and feel great nowadays?

How does your business make money? How does it work?

Collette: Currently, BROmance is an e-commerce business with potential for retail partnerships in the future. You can shop Bromance products by visiting our online store at There, you will see our product line-up, consisting of our Face The Day Cleanser, our Age Proof Moisturizer and The Tag Team duo with free shipping over $50.

The really cool feature we love to highlight is the BROscription. The BROscription is the first simplified men’s skincare subscription that was created to help save you time and money! We know you are busy and you do not want the hassle of re-ordering your favorite products before they run out. With the BROscription, you will receive 20% off your order of The Tag Team, with free shipping. Plus, your products are conveniently delivered to your home every two months.

Where in Toronto can we find your profession?

Matt: There are many ways to learn about BROmance, however the number one way would be our website. We also have our various social media channels we would love people to visit.

Beyond this we have something very special and unique to BROmance, and that is our texting community. We are the only men’s company that will text you back–and you’ll be hearing from a real human being. You could want advice on our products, or questions about skincare in general, and we’ll be there. It’s a feature that’s revolutionary and brings us closer to our customers. And, again, this is not some auto-text marketing gimmick; this is real people getting back to our audience in real time anytime they want to talk. Text us now to see how it works: 365-657-1059.

What is the best question a prospective customer could ask a member of your profession when comparing services?

Carlin: Why should I use skincare and not my bar of soap?

I could give you the technical answer, which is that a bar of soap damages the topical layer of your skin. But instead I will tell you that our BROmance cleanser and moisturizer will prevent anti-aging and keep you looking fresh and clean. Now why is this important? For that date you’re going on tomorrow night, that job interview you have with the CEO, or to wash the sweat off your face after a killer workout. So, next time you wash your face, put down the bar soap and reach for a true facial cleanser instead. Your skin will thank you!

What is the best part about what you do? What is the worst part?

Collette: There is a long list of “best parts” of what we do! But I’d have to say the very best one is helping men feel more confident about themselves. It is amazing to hear testimonials from guys who have been using our products and loving the results. It is almost as if they are relieved that they have finally found something they like and something that has a simple system they can stick to. That feels good.

The worst part is the thought of not being able to help that guy who is still using a bar of soap on his face… cringe.

What is your favourite joke about your own profession?

“Why are skeletons so calm? Because nothing gets under their skin”

PAY IT FORWARD: What is another Toronto business that you love?

Matt: One of our favourite organization in Toronto is is Canada’s only charity with a mission to train and empower young leaders to revolutionize mental health education in every Province and Territory.

Because we here at BROmance are so passionate about confidence, it only made sense that we wanted to fight against something that can make so many of us feel unwell. We have recently partnered with, and a part of every sale at BROmance goes towards the charity’s efforts.


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