Face The Day With Confidence

Face The Day With Confidence

Bros, we get it. You see your girl in the washroom each day, surrounded by dozens of powders, creams, and other substances. You think to yourself, “What could she possibly need all this stuff for?!” And yeah, maybe she has some questionable products in her beauty arsenal, but one that should never, ever be discounted is the cleanser.

In fact, the cleanser is just as important for us guys to be using as it is for our female counterparts..

Just look at the average day for a young,  twenty-something year male living in downtown Toronto in the summer. After no doubt sweating in his sleep, our hypothetical bro gets up, and, if he’s lucky, catches a quick shower and breakfast before putting on some dress clothes and heading out the door.

Toronto summers can be warm—many days  the temperature breaks the 30 degree mark—and so it’s no problem for even a fit individual to be sweating, especially when running from meeting to meeting in a shirt and tie.

After work, the young dude tries to sneak in a workout before attending to his social life later that evening.  Dumbbells + Cardio = Sweat. And to complete the sweat trifecta for the day, our bro is headed to a club later that evening which will be absolutely packed with young people looking to have some fun on a Friday night.

See, our bro, like so many young men in T-O, leads a very active lifestyle. And this active lifestyle can really do a number on your face if you don’t work to counteract things. Without proper skin care, men can be susceptible to oil-buildup, clogged pores, and acne.

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When you don’t look your best, you’re likely to not feel your best. And any confidence problems stemming from skincare issues can affect your performance in your day to day life. Imagine heading to a big job interview, just after waking up to find a huge acne outbreak staring at you from the bathroom mirror. You’re likely to be very distracted, wondering if the Hiring Manager is focused on your answers, or your face. Your lack of concentration may very well force you to give answers far weaker than what you’re capable of. Sadly, you may end up not getting that big job you were dreaming of.

The same thing could happen on a first date you’ve been looking forward to all week. You were super psyched to finally meet this hot girl you’ve been texting non-stop with. But, worried about your appearance, you’re unable to get the conversation going. The date fizzles out, and there’s no second chance to make it up.

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BROmance understands that the importance of confidence cannot be overstated. If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you’re able to perform better.

An important part of fighting what daily life throws at your face is selecting a cleanser. A cleanser is key in: removing dirt and oil, unclogging your pores, keeping acne at bay, and ensuring that your skin looks fresh.

And, we may be a little biased, but we happen to think that Face the Day just so happens to be the best cleanser around. Why? Because we understand men. Because we want men to face each day with the utmost confidence. We want men to be at their best. And to be at your best, you’ve gotta look your best.

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