First Impressions Matter

First Impressions Matter

Imagine this: You’re the CEO of a smashingly successful new start-up (Congrats, we always knew you’d do big things). You’re seeking to hire a new Senior Account Executive, and you have two interviews scheduled on this particular day.

Interview one is at 11:00AM. The candidate, Bob, strolls into your office. You’ve had a look at his resume and it’s impeccable. He has a ton of experience in the industry, and has done the kind of work the successful candidate will be doing for your company.

Bob sits down at your desk. Right away, you can’t help but notice his tie know isn’t quite tied right. It’s also too short, hanging comically high like Fred Flinstone’s. You think to yourself, “Does this guy know how to tie a tie?”

Bob begins discussing his impressive credentials, but as he’s doing do, you see that he’s sweating profusely. You wonder if it would be rude to offer him a cloth to wipe his brow. Also, the shoulders of suit jacket are staggeringly large – he looks more like a Toronto Argonauts linebacker than an Account Executive. 

“What else?” you think to yourself. “Is this one of those guys who wears white socks with dress shoes?”

As Bob stands up to shake your hand and leave, your footwear suspicions are confirmed.

Later that day, at around 3:00PM, the next candidate, Zach, enters your office with an infectious energy. Zach doesn’t have the experience that the first candidate has, but he damn well does a better job on the presentation front. His tie hangs down to the tip of his belt and he’s wearing a perfectly fitted dress shirt. There’s not a bead of sweat on his face, and yes, he knew to wear dress socks with his dress shoes.

Zach tells you that what he lacks in experience, he’s more than willing to make up for with hard-work and enthusiasm. He says that while hiring him instead of a more seasoned veteran may be a risk, it’s one that will pay huge dividends to your company. 

You’re starting to think Zach may be just right.

First impressions matter. As human beings who were told growing up not to judge a book by its cover, we hate thinking that we make snap judgments about people, but we do. It’s in our DNA; we evolved from our ancestors who, way back when, had to make quick decisions about many different situations in order to ensure their survival.

First impressions aren’t just limited to fashion. They can be made about your skin as well. Fortunately, you’ve got BROmance in your corner and on your side. We consider it our personal responsibility to make your feel confident that you’ll make a *great* first impression. 

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