Staying Young In The Six

Staying Young In The Six


Aging, it’s as inevitable as…well, time itself. There are variety of lifestyle factors that contribute to physical aging, such as smoking, diet, and, in Toronto, buzzer beaters in Game 7. This is to say that, although genetics definitely plays some role, there are steps us bros can take to actively counter the speed and effect of aging.

So whether you’re off to conduct business in a boardroom on Baystreet, or have a night of fun on King West,  follow these tips to ensure you head there with a young looking face you can feel confident in.


Hit the Gym, Man

Bros alike already know the plethora of aesthetic benefits of hitting the gym and throwing around some heavy weight. It can shrink the waistline, bulge the biceps, and jack the back. But, what may not be known by bros, is that a healthy exercise regimen can combat the effects of aging. 

Research by Frank Frisch, PhD, director of kinesiology at Chapman University in Orange, California, has shown the myriad ways exercise can help you not just feel younger, but look younger too. For example, exercise slows the cell aging process and, additionally, has been shown to result in firmer, stronger skin. As well, exercise helps with other facets of your life that can lead to a younger look. Exercise has been shown time and time again to reduce stress, which in turn, can help bros avoid some unnecessary wrinkles. Also, exercise has been shown to promote better sleep, which itself is another way to stay looking young.

So hit the bench press, squat rack, or dumbbells, bro, and reap the benefit of fighting Father Time.


Watch the Diet, Dude

This city is filled with a ton of great food. You have your standard stadium-fare of jumbo hot dogs and pretzels at Rogers Center, and it’s  all but mandatory to pound back a few cold ones when catching a Leafs or Raptors game at Scotiabank Arena. Then of course, there’s the vast lineup of world class restaurants that populate The Six, as well the wide array of food trucks that line the city streets. With so much temptation, it’s easy to see why a resident of T-O might end up foregoing the diet.

But bros need take caution when it comes to what they’re putting in their bodies. Besides the inevitable weight gain, a poor diet can also hurt your skin, and age you beyond your years. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), diets high in excess sugar, refined carbs, saturated fat, trans fat, and alcohol can promote more rapid aging.

So, as the saying goes: everything in moderation.


Put That Cigarette Out!

At this point, almost all of the negative effects of smoking have been made abundantly clear. It’s a list as big as the CN Tower. However, one effect doesn’t seem to get as much attention: The rapid aging it can lead to.

Research from the world-famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has shown that smoking can rapidly speed up the normal aging process of your skin, and contribute to wrinkles.

So, as if it wasn’t already abundantly obvious: ditch the cigs, man.


Catch a Few Less Rays

No doubt that hanging out at Sugar Beach and Scarborough Bluffs is a lot of fun, but make sure that when you’re hitting the sand, the sun isn’t always hitting you. 

The reason? Ultra-Violet, or UV, rays are the number one source of advanced aging. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), if exposed to enough UV Rays, a  guy can age up to 90 percent faster.

Getting a sunscreen with the right SPF is half the battle. Equally important is making sure you apply it every thirty minutes. And, if you’re having trouble lathering those hard-to-reach places, maybe you’ll make a friend at the beach who can lend a hand.


Make yourself AGE-PROOF

BROmance has the perfect sidekick in the fight against aging—its specifically formulated anti-aging solution: Age-Proof. Specifically formulated with collagen peptides, which aid immensely in the skin regeneration process, Age-Proof is like a tag team partner in your battle against aging—one that will ensure you come out victorious.

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